Do you want a skateboard experience that shines amongst all others?

Then get Platinum Membership! Platinum members, as you can see below, get more of the good stuff for just 5 dollars. You will also be given the exclusive Platinum Badge! To register or upgrade to Platinum membership, just fill out this form. You will be prompted to pay before you can receive your items.

Platinum Membership

Thank you! You will recieve a confirmation email shortly.

 What Platinum Members Get:

 Regular Membership

 - One one to three layer starter board 

-Solid-colored ID card

-One beginner special attack card for tournaments

 Platinum Membership

-Three four to six layer starter boards 

-Personalized ID card with Platinum badge at the top and cool lettering

-Two powerful special attack cards for tournaments

-Exclusive Platinum badge

-Custom skateboard case

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