Welcome to the chat! As you may have noticed, we have gotten another chat board from xat.


Do not use your real name as your user name.

Please do not use profanity or act out inappropriate scenarios.

No phishing or hacking schemes will be allowed unless it is an extreme circumstance (I don't know what that would be-like, if you had to hack to save a life or something) which will be determined by the chat owner(s).

If the chat board is misused by a certain user, you will be first kicked as a warning and then banned.

Do not put down, advertise, or make fun of other websites.

Enjoy the chat board!

Note: There is a bigger version of this chat on xat with games and a doodle board. The link will be posted as soon as it is found.

UPDATE: HERE IS THE LINK- http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=160705736

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