Don't have Paypal? Here you can send in money and get what you need!

Note that most of the time it is at least 1 week until you get your product. Please make checks payable to Grant Fowler. Thank you. Please click the picture below to get the print-out form for your Send-in purchase. Please fill out and send to given address. Thank you for your business.



Hey guys, it's wootiown. I thank you dearly for even coming this far If you DONT want to donate, just check out the rest of the site!

Anyways, to donate, just click the mailbox below. Write your username somewhere on that form, as well as filling out what it asks.

Under product being purchased, write DONATON. Just put in the amount of money you're donating into an envlope, as well as the form folded

up, then send it to the address on the form. Finally, sorry about the badly made send-in form. I'll make a new one soon :P

For online records, Please fill out this form when using send-ins.

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