A long time ago in about 2008, I got the idea of learning to script. I downloaded a ton of programs and eventually taught myself. I then went to www.yola.com and made a website, and that became RXbots.

We now create Runescape bots, completely undetectable by Jagex. They are simple to install and takes no time to get used to them. We are working on Minecraft bots as well. There are also now several branches of RXbots that sell different things-

Pengineers is a division of RXbots with shooting and exploding pens that can be used to make art, play pranks, and stage grand explosions. 

RXShop sells T-Shirts, gift cards, and other RXbots merchandise.

The newest part of RXbots, The Paper People make various things out of paper, including skateboards, posters, origami, flipbooks, and more. Fans are encouraged to become "Paper People" too by earning badges and creating their own skateboards.

RXbots also has its own graphics shop, and tutoring program for aspiring graphic designers, hackers, and advertisers.

As RXbots continues to grow, lots of changes have been made. We've had visitors from all over the world, and now have our own chat room, newsletter, app, games page, and may be adding some new features soon, including a blog!

We hope you enjoy our website!

         - RX, RX's Assistant, and all other employees

RXbots Timeline (right click, click "View Image" to see in a new window) :

Frequently Asked Questions

 "I have no idea where anything is on this site! How do I find stuff?" 

Look directly above the title of this page. See that big gray box? It has pretty much all the site links on it. Click on the one you're looking for. Problem solved.

"My bot won't open!"

Be sure you have Marco Recorder installed.

 "Where do I start?"

 Visit the RXbots setup or files pages, and e-mail customer support for further instructions.

 "The bot is going crazy!"

Try to explain to us what happened, and make sure you started at the right place.

"Marco Recorder is saying 'Thank you very much for evaluating our product. Your trial period has expired.' What do I do?"

 1. Be sure you are logged on an administrator account

2. Go to control panel, then click user accounts, then click create new account.

3. Fill out the info and log onto the new account, you may have to re-install it from our website.

4. Launch marco recorder and do not install anything you would not want to keep.

"I don't want to pay. Are there any free bots or scripts?"

Of course! The PWbot Free Scripts page has some excellent scripts for your bots.

If you chip in some donation money at the front page, bot prices will continue to go down, and maybe someday, all the bots will be free.

"What in the world is a paper skateboard?"

Paper skateboards are, well, skateboards made out of paper. They're a bit like plastic toy skateboards, but without wheels and with pointier edges. They're decorated in unique artistic designs, and you can collect them, battle with them, and trade them. For more information, see the Paper People page.

"How do I apply for a job at RXbots?"

We are always looking for new employees. Fill out the job application form, and if you show potential, you may get picked!

"Why do you do this?"

Why do we make bots, hacks, exploding pens, paper skateboards, and all that other stuff? That's a bit like asking why you like your favorite things. We love making this stuff, and we want to share the fun with our customers without blowing up their wallets.

Anything else? Email customer support at
rxbots@yahoo.com.  We're always happy to help!

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