Tournament Format

There are several different ways to have a tournament with paper skateboards, but they all have a few shared basic rules:

- To determine who goes first, ask the person of the group who has won the most battles to shake all competing boards and throw them on the surface where the competition is being held. The board that lands face down goes first. This applies only for turn-taking tournaments.

-A tournament must have at least three participants. A competition with only two participants is a battle.

-The object of a tournament is to be the last board standing. Each layer of a board is a life-a 6 layered board would have 6 lives. You must hit other boards by flipping or tapping on your board. A hit from another board equals minus one life. A board falling out of bounds equals minus 2 lives.

Below you will find the three standard ways to have tournaments- Team, Free-For-All, and Turns.


In this tournament, players take turns. Each person may only make one move per turn. Even if the board is accidentally flipped, it counts as a turn. The last board standing wins.

The "who goes first" shake must be performed at the beginning of a turns tournament.


Free-For-All tournaments have no turns or waiting-everyone can just jump in when they want to. The same basic rules (except the "who goes first" shake) apply.


Team tournaments are three rounds long. They are played with at least three teams of at least three people. (You can also have a Team Battle, with two teams of three people.) During each round, each team picks one person and their board to represent the team in battle. All the members of the winning team receive the tournament badge. The "who goes first" shake is required, but only with the boards of those competing in the current round.

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