Collector's Checklist

Trying to get all the boards of a certain series? Want to unlock a badge by getting all the boards of a series? Do you need to keep track of what to get? You've come to the right place! The following are lists of boards from several popular collections. Just run down the list to make sure you've got everything!

Names in gray are up for grabs.
Names in red have been sold, and you can trade for them or buy them on the forums.
Names in blue are discontinued or missing, and you don't have to get them for your badge.
Names in pink are coming soon!

Stick Figures

-Stick Figures (original)
-Stick Figures in Space and Time
-Stick Figures-The Apocalypse
-Stick Figures Climb Mt.Epic
-Stick Figures and The Doom Machine
-Stick Figures and The Search For Diamonds
-Stick Figures At The Art Museum

Pen And Ink

-Dark Dreamlord
-Solstice Gladiators 
-Illusions of Light
-The Vortex of Flames
-Star Harvesters
-Tears of a Comet
-Bolt (the new one)


-Solar Storm
-Light Storm


-Dark Star
-Sky Star
-Twin Peaks

Absurd Doodles

-Electric Rainbows
-Servants of Sky
-Double Trouble
-Soul Drops

-Nature's Spirit
-Ghost Music
-Spirit of Life
-Spirit of Light
-Spirit of Death
-Spirit of Water

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