We noticed that RuneScape just wasn't that popular anymore, so we went out and found Minecraft, a game that was- and still is- extremely popular. We have been working working on a .zip or .rar file full of Minecraft hacks and bots (May include download links for: INVedit, MCedit, the full game of Minecraft, and a few homemade bots)  After we finish, we will have it for sale for about $5 or so, and after 3 weeks we will raise it to $8, so keep up to date! Note: RXApp will have a coupon for 1/2 off of MinecraftRX and will have a heads up for when it is coming out so you won't miss out!

What do you expect in MinecraftRX?
   Ok, but I would add more
   Sorta sad

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