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6 Reasons Why RXbots Is Now (Even More) Awesome

Posted by Grant Fowler on Monday, May 28, 2012,
After a month of little touch-ups here and there, we are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in our renovation of the RXbots website! Below, you will find exactly  6  reasons on why RXbots is (even more) awesome. Do you recognize these changes?....

1. The incredible shrinking sidebar. The large, gray sidebar (an odd name, since ours is at the top of the page, not the side) used to be cluttered with links for hacks, Pengineers, and Paper People. Now, we've added some cool, colorful butto...
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Wooticraft, The Official Minecraft Server of RXbots

Posted by Grant Fowler on Saturday, May 19, 2012,
If you're looking for a great Minecraft server to play on, look no further! The owner of RXbots has decided to make his own server, Wooticraft. And if it's made by somebody from RXbots, you know the quality has to be amazing. Just look at the features of the Wooticraft server:

-Epic spawn
-Player arena
-Awesome staff
-Growing community
-Free pork machine

That's not even everything! Wooticraft was also voted the third best mob arena. RXbots will soon have its own page dedicated t...
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