Calling all Paper People...summer is in the air at RXbots Headquarters, and school is almost out! So, to celebrate, we're introducing a special line of badges for the beginning of summer. These badges will be added to the Paper People badge lists as well.

Superstitious Skateboard Badge: Rub a board for good luck before a final exam.

Looking Icy Badge:
After eating two Popsicles, glue the wrappers on a board for decoration.

Squirt Shock Badge:
Interrupt a tournament by squirting a water gun at the competitors.

High Altitude Badge:
On a hot day, make a board jump up to the current temperature on the thermometer.

April Showers, May Flowers Badge: Plant a garden outside on ground where you were defeated in a tournament.

Rainboard Badge: Take a picture of you and your skateboard next to a rainbow AND organize all your boards by color.

Smore Fun Badge: Challenge friends to a marshmallow eating contest. The winner gets an exclusive Campfire of Despair board!

There will be an exclusive preview of the badge design sketches for these 7 fantastic new badges coming soon. Well, what are you sitting around for? Get out there and get some badges!