After a month of little touch-ups here and there, we are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in our renovation of the RXbots website! Below, you will find exactly  6  reasons on why RXbots is (even more) awesome. Do you recognize these changes?....

1. The incredible shrinking sidebar. The large, gray sidebar (an odd name, since ours is at the top of the page, not the side) used to be cluttered with links for hacks, Pengineers, and Paper People. Now, we've added some cool, colorful buttons with links on the homepage for the most popular RXbots features, so you can get to them faster, and took the original links off the sidebar.

Big shrinks and neat links!

And speaking of the homepage....

2. Less clutter. The homepage now only has a few things, such as the guestbook, a donation button, and a cool Feedjit widget that keeps track of who comes, when, and from where. The "News" section and images found a better place to go....
3. Brand new shiny BLOG! RXblog has current information on Minecraft, the Wooticraft server, Paper People, Pengineers, and changes like this. Of course, you probably know about this change, as you are currently reading RXblog. ;)

Looks familiar, eh?

4. Paper's got the power. The Paper People page got some major-majorly epic, that is- changes. The Paper People now sell special attack cards, and new paper 'boarders' can register for an ID badge and a free skateboard to start their adventure. There is a new badge system, and participants can move up the ranks, from Beginner to Master. There are also new forums, different tournament formats, and a chance to upgrade to Platinum membership.

5. Here's what we're all about. Instead of putting the mission of RXbots on the front page, we gave it its own page, and merged it with the FAQs page. Now, the chance see the history and time line of RXbots is a click away.

And, finally,

6. A great page for a great server. You may remember the RXblog post about Wooticraft, RX's hot new Minecraft server. It now has its own page! You can post videos, photos, information on forums, and more.

Wootin' tootin' fun!

We sincerely hope these changes make your RXbots experience more fun, interesting, and convenient. If you have any suggestions, post a comment...or shoot us an email at Catch you on the Paper People forums!